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Contest Application for Posters and Maps

Registration for Poster/Map Gallery Contest

GIS in Action 2018 Conference participants will have an opportunity to present a poster about map topics to engage in a completion, which includes prizes in poster categories.

The details for displaying Posters entering are below:

Map Size: Posters can be any size, but larger sizes are preferred. The maxim poster size is 4 ft x 6 ft, either in landscape or portrait layouts.  For larger size landscape will fit better.

Categories: Maps will be judged by conference attendees according to the following categories:

Cartographic - The quality of the visual display
Analytic presentation - Communication of meaningful patterns in data
Data Integration - Combining data from different sources
Public Service - Posters that display for the public
Student - Any enrolled in classes pursuing a degree or certificate

Award: Awards will be divided amongst the winners of the categories after ballots are counted. The prize amount for the category will depend on how many are entered. The more entered the higher the overall prizes. There may be a second place prize if there are more than four

Registration:  Registration has to cutoff dates:

April 13,2018 around 5:00 pm for getting the slide image to be projected on large screen and the abstracts published in the program

April 20,2018 around 5:00 for printing paper abstracts and to be on the ballot

Pickup: Please pick up the poster after the conference to avoid loss of your creative efforts. Posters cannot be removed prior to closing Key Note.

Click Here to Enter the Poster Contest

See 2017 Poster Contest winners below.


Winning CatigoriesPlaceNameRoleTitle of MapPictures
Analytic1Kevin RameyEngineering Technician III/GISBES Stormwater SystemJPG
Analytic2Doug TaylorGIS SpecialistAsset Condition AssessmentJPG
CartographicJohn RogersStudentElusive Aurora Borealis: Geographic incidence of geomagnetic atmospheric disturbances in the Northern Hemisphere, terrain analysis, and multi-criteria suitability analysis for Aurora Borealis occurrence in Alaska. JPG
Data IntegrationOviva LauGIS AnalystBallard Open Space InventoryJPG
Public ServiceJohn RitterCEO/GIS AnalystKlamath County School - Tobacco Retailer Proximity StudyJPG
Student1Ella WeilStudentPatterns and Impacts of Urban Stream Burial in Portland, OregonJPG
Student2Mike McGivoneyStudentUS Beef Cattle: From Grass Raised Farm & Ranch to Grain Fed StockyardsNot Available

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Contest Information

If you have questions regarding the poster display and competition, please contact
Participation in the contest gives individuals an opportunity to present their work, skill, and knowledge. The organizers look forward to seeing many outstanding maps and posters.